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Granddaughter of a Franklin Street Flower Lady Carries On Her Legacy


Bettye Jenkins is the owner and designer of Bettye’s Flower Design.  She has been a floral designer in Chapel Hill for more than 40 years where she was raised by her grandmother (Ada Edwards), one of the original “Flower Ladies” of Chapel Hill.

Bettye has been familiar with flowers since the 60’s and flowers have always been a way of life for her family. When she was young, she (along with other family members) would go out to area fields and woods to gather flowers and then her grandmother would go into Town to sell them. 


Through this experience, she learned many things. Through this exposure, she developed a unique love and affection for flowers that has only deepened over time. Recognizing that flowers were such an important part of her life, Bettye continued to build her interest and skills through education in flower design.

This God-given talent has allowed her to serve the community and share her love of flowers.  She creates beautiful designer pieces customized for each occasion and taking into account the personal taste of every client.  In fact, Bettye opened the florist with the customer in mind. 

Bouquet of Flowers

The question she asked herself was,


   “How can we better service the people?”  

This has been her motto from the start. Each custom design is thoughtfully created according to what the customer desires to express in flowers.

Bettye’s Flower Design is accessible to all people.  She strives to offer different styles that will suit the taste through a variety of unique customer-focused services.  No budget is too small or too big!

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