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Arrangements can be made with fresh cut flowers and/or silk flowers.  They can be made with a combination of fresh cut and silk flowers in order to bring out the true color you desire for your arrangement.  


For example, we can mix silk blue flowers to a fresh arrangement to give you the true tones of the colors you desire.   Once the flowers are arranged, you are unable to see the difference.


Flower arrangements are available in various sizes (small, medium, large and special design).  Prices vary according to the types of flowers and the size of the arrangement.  Please call for the exact price of each arrangements. 

Streamers are an additional cost to the floral arrangement.


Our Custom Designs are done according to what the customer desires to express in flowers.  Our designs have ranged from buses, law mowers, cars, tractors, a pair of overhauls, a broken wheel, motorcycle, and a list of many other items. We have selected a few to display for you.

We reserve the right to not make a flower that promotes indecency, the expression of a hate group or something that causes moral values not to be promoted.

Streamers are an additional cost to the floral arrangement.

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